Barbie Doll'd Up Nails Digital Nail Printer



This video describes features of the Barbie Doll'd Up Nails Digital Nail Printer including over one thousand nail designs, choose your own colors and designs, and the ability to upload your own photo and print it on your nails.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Aubrey, and this is Barbie's exclusive Doll'd Up Nails Digital Printer. This nail printer gives all girls the opportunity to create the perfect manicure right from their desktops. With over 1,000 fresh designs to choose from, the Barbie Digital Nail Printer is fit for all girls. But if that's not enough, you can create customized personal designs from photos. Just print out your designs in seconds and fit them right to your nails. The printer is fun, easy to use and combines professional quality nail designs with a creative personal finish for that perfect Doll'd Up look. Doll'd Up Nail designs add just the right touch for girls eager to stand out and make their mark. This is the Doll'd Up Nails Digital Nail Printer from Barbie.